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“Music is not a thing,
it’s everything.”




Music is not a thing, music is a highly emotional art form that is essential to one’s way of life. At Silverdrum we combine raw musical talent with finesse in execution to deliver an individual soundtrack for your film production. Together with some of the finest Scandinavian artists, we design unique sound experiences for feature films, advertising, TV, games and anything in between. To ensure a cohesive sound we curate the whole creative process along the way. We don’t simply work for our clients, we collaborate. Because music is not a thing, it’s everything.




Through our international network we work with various composers
for the productions we are involved in.

We are always looking for the best creative solution for each film and here we present some of our composers who have proved to be just that again and again.




“We don’t simply
work for our clients, 
we collaborate.”




Be it existing music, bespoke music or re-recordings, we assist our clients in finding the perfect tracks for their projects. From determining the musical direction of a production, to searching, recommending and selecting composers or existing songs for your film. We can handle the clearance/licensing process and oversee the music budget of a production. With a combined experience of more than 20 years in synch/music supervision and our broad international network of music publishers we can guarantee professional service for your music needs.





Jeppe Kaltoft  |  CEO & Founder  |  +45 26 28 40 82

Jörg Rottgardt  |  Music Supervisor & Composer Manager  |  +45 53 77 05 27

Frederik Thybo | Music Supervisor & Composer Manager  |  +45 53 50 03 37


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